Communicate with an Info-Graphic

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Info-graphics are not new, in fact graphics have been used to communicate since the cave men period and have been popular at different times over the centuries.

Some early info-graphics include the 1858 Table of Universal History. Some what ambitiously it visualises the complete history of humankind, top down, from the creation of Adam and Eve to the then present day. Individual cultures are depicted as rivers.

Credit: Eug. Pick, 1858 Paris

Fritz Kahn’s visualisation of human metabolism as a process of industrial production is still a popular info-graphic from the 1920’s

Taschen book: Kahn
Fritz Kahn. Stuttgart 1926 © von Debschitz

Currently there is an info-graphic boom taking place as it is an efficient way to communicate a message, particularly when there is a lot of data or information to share.

Strategy Monsters like this example of the many Varieties of Beer, produced in 2010 by Ben Gibson and Patrick Mulligan.

Taschen book: beer 

Info-graphics can be produced in all graphic programs and even in Power Point.  Use of graphs, images, flow charts and other visual components are endless.

The info-graphic below was produced using Power Point.


So why do they work?
Our eyes are an extension of the brain and many of your customers are visual learners. Businesses can benefit from presenting their message, services or products via info-graphics because they are quickly transferable, coherent and visually interesting.

If you think info-graphics could help your business or NGO to get your message across, then give Strategy Monsters a call to discuss your communications.

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