Communication Strategy – How it Works

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As the graphic below suggests the essential difference between traditional Marketing, Advertising or Public Relations and Communication Strategy (CS) is that CS is founded on deeper research of the user or client.

Implemented with a convergent approach to platforms allows for better targeting of people, presenting opportunities to engage and build loyalty to your brand or campaign.

The object of a CS is usually to persuade the target to either buy or bring about some behaviour change. The research paints a picture of your client’s needs, interests, platform preferences, media and buying habits. The developed message can then be delivered through relevant content on platforms familiar and accepted by the customer


Communication Strategy objectives are about resolving challenges or issues facing an organisation or community. The objectives could be as basic as a need to increase sales or a need to bring about cultural or behaviour change within an organisation or community.

Never the less the key components to Communication Strategy include the following:


Knowing your users or customers needs, interests, buying and media habits allows you a deeper understanding on why, how and when to engage them.

Using this knowledge of your target markets the creative process produces the look and feel of the campaign along with draft key messages and content ideas.

Refined and tested key message(s) are developed into content for various platforms targeting your clients and potential clients.

Engagement comes on different levels ranging from a sale to a comment or share on social media. Overtime engagement builds loyalty that results in a purchase or support for a challenge or enterprise.

Measuring performance of a campaign is an essential part of a Communication Strategy.  Unlike traditional media online platforms can give accurate and easily obtainable statistics on the performance of different elements of your marketing. This makes your ROI clearly measurable and enables monitoring during campaign implementation.

A Communication Strategy for your business or NGO takes a more wholelistic approach to your internal and external communications.

Campaigns or Branding communications can be targeted and measurable to ensure there is a ROI or it is within budget.

Good services and products produces good stories, Strategy Monsters likes helping others do good by sharing your brand, news and stories.

If you do “good”, then please contact us for an obligation free consultation about your communications future.

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