How Do You Measure Your Online Performance

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The trend of Content Marketing continues to influence the Return On Investment (ROI) in positive ways.

61% of consumers have indicated they are more likely to buy from companies that produce custom content.   (see info-graphic below)

Producing original content developed around the interests of your customers is the fastest growing trend. Reasons people are more inclined to buy from companies that produce relevant content include:

  • They gain a deeper understanding of the Brand
  • They build trust and loyalty
  • They are kept current
  • They are given opportunities to engage with the company

Engaging people through relevant content overtime they become comfortable with you and your products and services, and when the time comes to purchase its an easier decision.

Captora using several recent research papers into Content Marketing and its ROI produced the info-graphic below.


Measuring clicks and leads is all very useful but to persuade Managers and CEO’s that your marketing is effective you need to drill deeper.

Here are our “hard” metrics that you should be using to report and measure your ROI for your content marketing.

  1. Customer Acquisition Expense (CAE)
    A metric to determine the total average expense your company spends to acquire a new customer.
  2. Ratio of Customer Lifetime Value to CAE
    Is a metric to estimate the total value your company derives from each customer compared what you spend to acquire that new customer.
  3. Payback Time on CAE
    Metric to shows the time in months to earn back the CAE invested to acquire new customers.
  4. Marketing Originated Customer %
    A metric to show the % of new customers originated from the marketing efforts.
  5. Marketing Influenced Customer %
    Measures the % of leads that interacted with marketing content through the entire sales cycle.

If your not using these types of measuring metrics your are not getting the full picture of your marketing efforts.

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