How Personas Can Benefit Your Business or NGO

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Personas can benefit any organisation wanting to use a deeper understanding of their customers to persuade or ask them to take some type of action.

The persona delves down into the types of people in your market segments.   Synthesised from observations of many people, each persona represents a significant portion of your target market or audience.

Personas became widely used after Alan Cooper published his book “The Inmates are running the Asylum” in 1998. Cooper had been using Personas in software development and they soon took hold as a practise in the Gaming development.

Now they are becoming widely used for communications and marketing amongst other professions.

Why are Personas vital when strategising your communications, content or marketing?

Personas are important as they create relevance to your message or content because they are based on real experiences.  Here are four features of a persona.

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How are Personas developed?

There are a few ways to develop Personas depending on the industry and size of your organisation, for the majority of small to medium enterprises we favour the following process.

  1. Observe, survey and interview customers, find the customers perception and motivations.  Front line staff members can offer valuable information from their experiences dealing with customers.
  2. Find patterns and trends within the data and group these customers.  Find similar quoted sentiments from interviews and group, then overlay with data patterns and identify customer types.
  3. Based on the data patterns create a persona from the characteristics of the segment groups, give the group a name that generally describes them, “early adopters” or “working mums”.  Don’t stereotype make them unique like real people.
  4. Share these with staff and other valued customers or stakeholders, fine-tune them.
  5. Create the final Personas, you may have anything from 1 to 10 or more depending on your business or type of campaign.

Once the marketing message and pitches are determined they can be included onto the persona along with preferred platforms of the customer.

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With the persona document we also produce posters that represent the customer type. These hang in the office and assist in focusing on the task at hand, the end user, our customers.

Strategy Monsters likes to collaborate when developing personas, we can just guide you through the process or have a hands on function in the development.

Contact Peter today to discuss how we make it easier for you to get better results from your communications.  You can use the contact page or ring 0400571950.

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