Five tips for a Successful Website

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If your website home page is full and cluttered with information, just like a shop front it becomes confusing and bewildering for the user.
If your website home page is full and cluttered with information, just like a shop front it becomes confusing and bewildering for the user

How we present ourselves or our brand online is in a constant state of evolution that is influenced by changing technology and a deeper understanding how we the consumer interact online.

If your designing your first website or giving an existing one that overdue renovation, than these 5 tips will help you produce a website with the necessary components to entice, engage and convert customers to your services or products.

  1. Concise Copy
    Websites that a have very clear and concise copy do better, they instantly inform the user of your value and what you offer. Good copy is instrumental in converting enquiries into sales.
  1. Usability
    Too often websites will focus the majority of their efforts on making their home page attractive over the ease to use. If your website is not easy to read or to find specific information, it won’t matter how good it looks the experience will be negative for the user.  What you envisage the user to do when visiting your site should drive all decisions in regard to the design, in short function leads style in building websites.

3 The Ask
What is the one thing you want people to do when they arrive at your website? Then ask them, having a call to action on your home page is critical to lead the user to the next step you want them to take. When anyone hits your home page there should be no ambiguity about what they should do – give their email, sign up for free trial or call a number.

  1. Case Studies and Validation
    Case studies about how others have worked with you can help potential customers learn about your business. Getting a tangible and clear perspective of how you have helped other similar customers builds confidence to use your service or product. For start-ups listing any press or industry associations can signal to the visitor that other people have vetted and trust the company.
  1. Links to social pages
    Businesses still fail to provide links to their social media pages directly on the home page in a visible spot. Most have the idea that they should put their social media links under their “Contact Us” page, which only adds more steps to the process for users. Put your social pages right in front of them so they can check you out!

If your planning your first website or renovating an existing one then talk to Strategy Monsters about designing it specifically for your customers for better results.  We can:

  • Design & Build your Website
  • Integrate your social media pages into your website
  • Apply strategies to allow you to build your brand and connect with customers
  • Produce content for your website, blog and social media

 Call Peter today on 0400571950 or click the logo to go to the contact page stratmonsters-logo-rgb

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