Making an Impact – Theatre or Stunts

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Increasingly we are seeing Brands engage personally using more theatrical tactics (or stunts) and technology to engage with customers in a very public way.

These types of communications creates a lasting impression on people who witness or engage while producing good content for the businesses to use on multiple platforms.

Below are three examples of this type of marketing, each deliver an experience to those engaged and an impression on those viewing.

The first two videos are on the extremes of the budget spectrum, both are clever and entertaining.

The third Cup Cake commercial is a nice piece of guerrilla marketing, clever, simple, funny and low budget.  It builds on the back of another marketing event of a larger business and produces great results.

I like to think it was not set up ………….

Each of these public events produced content for multi platform campaigns including print, TV, online and social media.

I hope you find them a little inspirational like we did. Enjoy!









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