Stomp + Trotters = Great Content

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Welcome to hump day of our first week back from the summer holidays.

This first blog of 2016 has a point but also has a very high entertainment value, if you love performance and sport like we do.

The video embedded is a collaboration between Stomp and the Harlem Globe Trotters, two highly skilled groups in their own disciplines. What happens when they learn and create together is pretty special, as you will see.





When good organisations come together they can produce great outcomes, thats how we like to work with our clients 

In the second half of 2015 Strategy Monsters collaborated with the Evans Head Business & Community Chamber to write and produce the Experience Evans Head Visitors Guide.  In the next couple of weeks we will share a case study from the original challenges to the final product.

In the meantime we will share with you a little of this collaboration in the selection of the front page image for the Visitors Guide.

Many people commented about the front page image and how it must of been an easy pick, but it’s never that easy.  With Chamber and Council representatives we went through a number of possible front cover images and designs.

As you can see below there were several considered in the final selection process but we had to be guided by the purpose of the front cover = catch the eye and tell a story.


The final front cover below did not visually present Evans Head, but did capture the spirit of Evans Head and sitting along with another 40 visitors guides in brochure racks it does catch your eye.

EHTG Cover

The image was taken at Shark Bay by JadeCoral and it says Evans Head is a place for fun, excitement, nature and beauty.  The four dolphins could also be identified as a family or group of friends enjoying their Evans Head Experience.

Collaboration between businesses or organisations can produce results by bringing together the skills to achieve specific goals.

You know your own business and its skills.  Strategy Monsters know how to develop and implement strategies to market or communicate what you do and why you do it by a targeted and multi-platform approach, both on and off line.

Contact us today to have a no obligation consultation about your communications and marketing.















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