Three Social Media Trends to Consider

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Welcome to our first blog for 2017.

We trust you had a great Christmas and New Year and are now well and truly back into work for 2017.

We have done the hard work for you and researched all the 2017 predictions in social media trends to give you the top three that we agree all small to medium business need to consider when planning and implementing promotional or awareness campaigns on social media.

1: Authenticity Rules

Overwhelmingly the data and research builds a strong case for businesses to do away with the “stock images” and post real images.  Simply put, people find organic images more trust worthy than professional and polished stock photography both online and off.

With quality cameras built into smart phones and using digital cameras to shoot stills and video you are halfway there to creating believable content for your followers, who in turn are happy to share trustworthy content.

Our pet hate is when restaurants and cafes use stock images rather than real images of the meals they produce, which is not authentic nor engaging.

Our work with the Evans Head Business & Community Chamber is a good example of how “in the moment” images and video posts rate very successfully for their engagement and reach.

Look for yourself on the Evans Head Facebook page.

2: User Generated Content (UGC)

If UX (User Experience) was the buzz abbreviation of 2016 then UGC will be in 2017.

One of the best outcomes from using social media is having other people produce your content for you at a fraction of the cost.  Particularly for businesses within the tourist industry where UGC is becoming increasingly important as it goes to the authenticity of your products or services.

If your customers are sharing their experiences, then you’re using social media in the way it was designed for.  If you post quality content then your customers or visitors will be more inclined to do the same on your behalf.

In a discussion about “visual influences” on the Holly G Blog, Amrita Chandra (Head Marketing at CrowdRiff) said;

to be a real visual influencer you need to let others speak on your behalf. Tap in to the photo that people are creating today, share them with your audience, let your visitors and locals speak for you.”

How do you get them to do that?  There are strategies and tactics we can help you put in place to increase your UGC.

3: Live Broadcasting / Video

Live streaming or broadcast is now available on most social media channels and if they’re not they soon will be.  The user knows that the live stream is authentic, the reason this format is cutting through more than ever.  Businesses are broadcasting product launches, Q&A’s and even exclusive behind the scenes insights to their business.

An important factor in the increase of live streaming has been because you don’t need a huge budget or lots of equipment when it can all be done cheaply on an office computer or smart phone.  With a little training and creative input, we can help you produce live content to promote your business brand and individual products or services.

Video will continue to dominate the page feeds of social media as there is a natural progression from posts with images to video and on to live broadcasts.  Like producing streaming content, video is accessible via smart phones, cameras and computers.  With a little post-production editing and inclusion of titles, short videos are an effective way to deliver a message and engage your users.

The video below was shot on a Galaxy 7 mobile and posted straight to Facebook.  The authenticity of the 15 second video connected with people as shown through the stats of the post below.

As a organic post (not paid) it reached over 5000 people with over 2000 viewing the video.  The engagement of viewers was close to 10% with 9 shares, 7 of which being on-shares which would of increased the overall reach of the post beyond what was recorded.


So now is a good time to plan your next 6 to 12 months of campaigns or promotions and what content on what platform you will use to engage and persuade your customers and followers.

Need a planner with check list designed for your individual Business, we can supply you templates for your marketing and individual campaign planning.

Until next time happy marketing.

Peter Byrne
Principal Consultant

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