We can package a strategy that best suites your business or campaign
Using print, electronic and digital content your message will be targeted at the customers most likely to want your product or service
You may have an online space or you are yet to enter the world of online marketing
Strategy Monsters offer solutions for your marketing challenges from producing copy, content to the strategy to succeed

Need to get your Business Online ?

Three month package includes developing and creating website; establishing relevant social media accounts; creating email marketing account and a digital strategy for your online launch
 $400 a week for 12 weeks or
two $2 200 payments.
All prices incl GST
Message us now or call Peter on 0400 571 950


We know every business is different and packages can be developed to meet your individual communications and marketing needs

If you have an established web site and social media pages consider our consultancy to bring synergy to what you are doing on and off-line.

Introducing strategy to what you do online will help engage customers and attract new business, the reason we are here.

If you are a Start-Up or yet to enter the digital business world consider the package at the top of this page to launch your online communications


Consider us to undertake your publishing requirements both online and off. From printed ads to online brochures we produce professional publications that tell your story and raise your awareness through integrating your online sites.

The Evans Head Tourist Guide is a good example where we wrote the general and featured editorials, designed and produced the publication for online and in print.

The approach to your printed or digital adverts is focused on the experience you offer to a customer rather then solely on what you do.  The Woodburn-Evans Head  Golf Club had this ad produced, we all know what a Golf Club or any club offers its patrons but its the unique experience that can make a difference.

Its not just about the Golf and facilities, its the experience of playing amongst some of our favourite native animals at a friendly and welcoming club


The best way to attract the people you want to engage is through good content that catches the eye and delivers useful information to your existing and potential customers.

We can develop and produce the following creative content for your business at an affordable rate:

Digital Banners $80.00 incl GST
Design and production
To be used on digital platforms and for email marketing

Cinemagraphs from $250 incl GST (Package of 5 for $1100)
Catching the eye of you customers or followers to your post is the first big challenge, creative and clever Cinemagraphs and GIFF’s can help your business standout on social media, email campaigns or websites.

Info – Graphics from $130 incl GST

Designed and production
Can be used for digital or print platforms

Video Content from $300 incl GST
Produce and create
Use for digital platforms


If your looking to extend your Brand or have a Campaign planned for a service, product or community program, then Strategy Monsters can develop a Commutations Strategy to target and persuade your potential customers or clients.

The core components of any communications strategy include

Knowing your users or customers needs, interests, buying and media habits allows you a deeper understanding on why, how and when to engage them.  Simply the more you know about your existing customers can help you engage them and attract similar new customers to your campaign or business.

The Users
From the insight we develop a picture of your clients or customers through personas that guide the process to ensure we are producing content and messages that are deliverable and relevant to your users or followers on and off line

Using this knowledge of your target markets the creative process produces the look and feel of your Brand or Campaign along with the development of draft key messages and content ideas to be used across multiple platforms.

Refined core messages are developed into content for various platforms targeting your clients and potential clients.  Messages are developed to motivate and have the target act on the information.  Affective messages can be delivered via an image, video, info-graphic or printed material and other traditional media.

Engagement comes on different levels ranging from a sale to a comment or share on social media. Overtime engagement builds loyalty that results in a purchase or support for a challenge or enterprise.  Engagement comes from informative and useful information delivered to you customers in the way they prefer to receive their information.

Measuring performance of a campaign is an essential part of a Communication Strategy. Unlike traditional media online platforms can give accurate and easily obtainable statistics on the performance of different elements of your marketing. This makes your ROI clearly measurable and enables changes where required while monitoring the campaign implementation and outcomes.

Contact Peter to discuss your marketing & communications needs and in return we can give you an obligation free proposal on how we can help you grow and succeed.

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